Business Plan

2016 Annual Report / 2017 Business Plan

2017 Business Plan / 2016 Annual Report


2017 Business Plan


The vision of the Danville Pittsylvania County Chamber of Commerce is an energized region with a vibrant, profitable business community.


The mission of the Danville Pittsylvania County Chamber of Commerce is to serve our members and improve the business environment by providing leadership, products, programs, and services which promote the success of our members.


Core Values

The Danville Pittsylvania County Chamber of Commerce values . . . .

  • The strength and vitality of the American free enterprise system
  • Integrity to ensure alignment between our actions and our beliefs, engage in honest self-scrutiny, and do what is right for the broader good.
  • Respect for self, others, property, and diversity
  • Responsibility to be accountable for our actions towards ourselves, others, and the community
  • Fairness to treat people equally and to make decisions without favoritism or prejudice
  • Courage to face difficult situations with confidence and determination and to stand up for one’s convictions when conscience demands
  • Relentless pursuit of results to assume personal responsibility for achieving ambitious, measurable results in pursuit of our vision
  • Sense of possibility to approach our work with optimism, to think boldly, and to greet new ideas openly


Goals and Priorities for 2017

Economic Growth and Development  

  • Promote and encourage business growth and development
  • Market businesses and business opportunities in our region
  • Promote and encourage entrepreneurial opportunities
  • Promote and encourage tourism and travel
  • Influence public policy by being the ‘Voice of Business’
  • Identify, develop, and engage a diverse cross-section of leaders within our region 

Membership Recruitment and Retention

  • Build a strong and engaged membership
  • Demonstrate value for membership through increased opportunities to attract new customers, benefit programs, and/or other value-added programs

Workforce Development and Education

  • Develop initiatives and alliances that effectively address workforce development issues
  • Identify and address necessary workforce skills in developing a talent pipeline
  • Develop programs and initiatives to better connect K-12 with employers in developing their talent pipeline

Organizational Excellence

  • Develop an aggressive Business Plan and Strategic Plan that produces measurable outcomes
  • Maintain a focus on innovation, resources, and effectiveness for the Chamber’s long-term sustainability


Business Development
  • Promote and populate online tools for information and business resources
  • Provide and/or partner with other organizations to provide at least 12 workshops, programs, articles, or online resources that support the growth and development of business
  • Coordinate at least nine Business at Breakfast programs
  • Provide at least three customer service training workshops
  • Partner with economic development organizations, The Launch Place, and other service providers to implement a regional entrepreneurship network
  • Utilize technology and/or other resources (website, social networking, e-blasts, publications) to market Chamber members’ products and services
  • Sponsor the Pinnacle Award in recognition of a business or organization that has contributed to the region’s economic success
  • Sponsor a trade show


  • Co-sponsor a regional ‘career expo’ to expose middle and/or high school students to career paths and opportunities
  • Coordinate with area schools to support initiatives related to career pathways and opportunities
  • Co-Sponsor Educator of the Year awards to recognize creative and innovative classroom teachers
  • Coordinate and market the distribution of financial grants for creative and innovative classroom projects that are focused on project-based learning with identified employer and/or community service partners.


  • Develop and monitor an annual budget that supports the Business Plan and a three-year budget plan that supports the Strategic Plan
  • Maintain financial reserves equivalent to three to six months of operating expenses


Fund Raising
  • Sponsor activities, including a golf tournament, Shrimp Fest, and international trip, to provide the financial resources to support Chamber programs


Human Resources
  • Review staffing positions, compensation packages, and benefits annually to support the efficient and effective operation of the organization


  • Coordinate and deliver a leadership program for Danville and Pittsylvania County that enhances participants’ leadership abilities and skills
  • Determine the need for a regional program with Halifax County and Martinsville-Henry County that develops and enhances working relationships among key stakeholders which advance the economic growth and vitality of Southern Virginia
  • Coordinate and deliver programs for the Women Empowered Leadership Series (WE Lead)

  • Advocate for business priorities at the local, state, and federal level
  • Present legislative policies and recommendations at the local, state, and federal levels
  • Participate in the state legislative process by attending and/or coordinating meetings with state legislators
  • Participate in the federal legislative process by attending and/or coordinating meetings with Congressional leaders
  • Participate at the local level by attending City Council and Board of Supervisors’ meetings
  • Coordinate an annual meeting with local elected officials
  • Sponsor or co-sponsor opportunities for Chamber members to learn about candidates’ positions on issues relevant to the business community


Membership Recruitment
  • Develop a membership recruitment plan to increase the number of new members in the Chamber


Membership Retention
  • Develop a membership retention plan to increase the retention of existing members in the Chamber
  • Track and report referrals that members receive as a result of their Chamber membership
  • Increase usage of the Chamber’s online membership directory
  • Coordinate and promote at least 10 Business After Hours
  • Develop tools and/or programs to assist members in utilizing the benefits of Chamber membership to maximize their “return on investment”
  • Implement a system to manage communications tools that target the needs and interests of our members


Strategic Planning
  • Develop and implement an annual Business Plan and a three-year Strategic Plan


  • Support and implement the development of a sustainable tourism program for Danville and Pittsylvania County


Workforce Development
  • Coordinate community-wide and/or targeted job fairs as needed
  • Support the region’s efforts to become a Certified Work Ready Community (CWRC) by encouraging employers to use the National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC)
  • Convene quarterly meetings of the business service representatives from the various workforce partners to promote better communication and collaboration among the partners
  • Coordinate and market workshops, programs, and resources that address hiring and human resource topics for employers


Youth Entrepreneurship
  • Sponsor the Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!) for Danville and Pittsylvania County middle and high school students in 2016-17
  • Determine the best methods to offer entrepreneurship programs and/or opportunities to middle and high school students in Danville and Pittsylvania County


Young Professionals
  • Coordinate networking events for young professionals
  • Provide opportunities for young professionals to meet and have conversations with community leaders
  • Coordinate opportunities to recruit young professionals to our region