February 12, 2015

Danville Regional Foundation (DRF) is pleased to announce that God's Storehouse has received the 2015 B.R. Ashby, M.D. Award for Outstanding Community Service.

This award, in the amount of a $50,000 general operating grant, honors outstanding community service in the region by a nonprofit organization based on success in helping needy families and individuals overcome significant challenges. 

Past recipients include the Northern Pittsylvania County Food Center (2014), Danville Life Saving and First Aid Crew (2013), God's Pit Crew (2012), Danville Church-Based Tutorial Program (2011) and Caswell Parish (2010).   

"For 27 years, God's Storehouse has been meeting a very real and immediate need that faces many neighbors in our community," said Karl Stauber, president and CEO at Danville Regional Foundation. "DRF is honored to support them in their mission and pleased to recognize their excellence in outstanding community service."

In 2014 alone, over one million pounds of food was distributed to customers in the City of Danville and southern Pittsylvania County. Over 37,000 boxes of food were provided to 5,505 households throughout the service region.

"This is not a business model that we want to grow and expand in the traditional sense," said Karen Harris, executive director of God's Storehouse. "In an ideal world, our business would not exist at all. But this business is our ministry and as long as people need food and help getting back on their feet, God's Storehouse will be here to meet that need. Normally, businesses would like to grow but we're in a business that we'd like to see decrease."

To learn more about God's Storehouse and how you can help with their mission, visit their website at www.godsstorehouse.org