Wear God Apparel
6593 Franklin Turnpike
Dry Fork, VA

Contact Information
Phone: (434) 709-2722
Alternate Phone: (434) 429-5908

Wear God Apparel's Mission : ?I was born in Danville and have lived in this area my whole life. I was raised in the church and had strong Christian women as examples in my life. My Mom and Grandmothers have all been role models of what a Christian woman should be. While I haven't always followed that lead as well as I should have, I have come to a time in my in my life that I feel called to do something more, to do something worthwhile with my life. I feel a leading in my life and in this leading it has brought me to Christian T-shirts. My main supplier is Kerusso. The Greek word Kerusso means “To herald divine truth as a public crier; to preach the gospel.” I am trying to follow God's leading in my life and this is what I feel He is leading me to do in order to spread His Word. The more people who are seen wearing the Word of God the more people will be asking questions and possibly be lead to Him. I feel strongly about this and I am asking you to look the designs sold here and see if one strikes a cord with you. I feel like this could be especially helpful to young people because of some of the designs on the shirts. They will catch eyes and in doing so the message will be seen. Someone will learn that God loves them, that He wants to save them. God wants us to spread the message of His Salvation however we can, to reach out to all who are lost. I am in no way a preacher, far from it. I was always the shy one who never spoke up in school. I don't speak in front of crowds. But this I can do for my Savior Jesus Christ. I can lift him up in the gifts the Father gave me.

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