Gentleman's Ridge Farmstead
589 Gentleman's Ridge Road
Blairs, VA

Contact Information
Phone: (434) 441-0851
Alternate Phone: (434) 441-6580

Gentleman's Ridge, established in 1984 has evolved so much over the years. From growing fruits and vegetables for surrounding communities to pick and enjoy, 18 years of making jams, jellies and salsas (there's something about seeing your efforts and yummy-ness in a jar!), 12 years of catering--serving our clients dishes handed down from generations as well as recipes we create in our kitchen. And it is now with a grateful heart, that we welcome you to our newest addition to our farm, The Farmstead Wedding Venue and Event Center! We offer full-service wedding packages, spectacular views, and all the features you need for a perfect day. And of course, AMAZING FOOD! Can't wait to show you around!

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