Trade Show

Southside Show-Biz Trade Show 2017 

This year’s trade show proved to be a success. The VIP night, October 12 started the show off with some very creative and traditional booth set-ups. There were 6 secret judges, judging the booths in different categories. On October 13, the public had the opportunity to select the People’s Choice award and enter into a drawing for a $100 cash prize. 

Best in Show is given to the exhibitor that best portrays the products and/or services of their business.
STAR Award is given to the exhibitor that has best captured the trade show theme in their booth.
Best Supporting Cast is given to the exhibitor that provides the best customer service.
People’s Choice award is given to the exhibitor that received the most votes from the public.

The winners were announced at the conclusion of day:
Best in Show: River District Association (Trolley)
Star Award: The Bright Leaf Place (Pirates of the Care in Beings)
Best Supporting Cast: KARE Pharmacy & Compounding (Alice in Wonderland)
People’s Choice: Commonwealth Home Health Group (Star Wars)